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Disney Villains Week: Day 5: Best/Funniest Villain Moment
➸ Yzma and Kronk - The Emperor's New Groove (2000)
"Take him out of town and finish the job! Now!" "What about dinner?" "Kronk, this is kind of important." "How about dessert?" "Well, I suppose there’s time for dessert." "And coffee?" "All right, a quick cup of coffee. THEN TAKE HIM OUT OF TOWN AND FINISH THE JOB!!

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30 Days of Hannibal [ x ]

Day 6: Objects

"May I have your business card, please?"

Hannibal’s ingredient cards and “Rude People” rolodex. Oh, and their organs.

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Mad Men Challenge
[9/10] Episodes:
"The Crash" S06E08

"I know you’re all feeling the darkness here today but there’s no reason to give in. No matter what you’ve heard, this process will not take years. In my heart I know we cannot be defeated because there is an answer that will open the door. There is a way around this system. This is a test of our patience and commitment. One great idea can win someone over."

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…spending my day off comparing The X-files to Seinfeld…


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